I'm an animal lover that stops to pet every dog I see. I love simplicity, and I really do enjoy the simple things. Movie nights with my family, hot cups of tea, having friends over to laugh and play games are just some of the things I love. My favourite food is homemade pizza, and favourite dessert is anything with cinnamon! 

 A Maple Ridge Photographer who loves photographing families!

I'm Leina Wade.



I have been photographing families all over The Lower Mainland for  ten years! I started when my kids were babies, and have grown so much since then. Obviously I love taking pictures, but I also love spending quality time with new people celebrating great things!

What I do!


I have two kids and a fantastic husband! I also have two fur babies that often make an appearance on my Instagram account!



1. I have never lived without a dog. I never plan to either!
2. Autumn is my favourite season. 
3. I don't drink coffee, but I love tea!
4. I've rediscovered a love for reading over that last year. After having kids, it took me a long time to be able to sit and get into a good book! 
5. Cinnamon over chocolate desserts any day!  I LOVE cinnamon and usually quadruple the amount in any given recipe. 

5 things about me!

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